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    BabyBed、BabyBed&Children's furniture

    Company introduction

       Anhui Coolbaby Science & Technology Development Coporation is a 14-year professional manufacturing enterprise specializing in baby crib design ,research and development.As a leading enterprise of baby crib exports in China, our products are exported to 68 countries around the world, the cumulative exports of cribs exceeding 20 million sets.Since the establishment of the company, design and research have been a core part of our corporation strategy. We have integrated a strong design team, formed an experienced management team and technical team, introduced highly automated advanced equipment, won the title of national "high-tech enterprise", and obtained nearly 100 patents. At present, "COOLBABY"  becomes an authoritative brand in the industry, online and offline go hand in hand, and set up warehouses in Anhui, Zhejiang, Hubei and other places, opens up a new retail era.

    Cool baby is looking forward to working with you, growing together and dreaming together.

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    • Annual production capacity

      100ten thousand
    • annual sales

      60ten thousand

    Company details

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